I don't want to change a single paragraph, a single sentence, nor a single word. I want to let the ending be as it will, by my will. Life; my greatest story ever. Words that came into my head out of the blue one day. It made sense that if your going to live life you might as well reach for the stars so that, and it has been said so many times before, if you fail you fall on the clouds. It's the philosophy that I have chosen to live by and feel should be how we work, live, love, and anything else you do in this lifetime.

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Front-End Engineer (AKA Web Designer/Developer)
I have been toying with the web and its technologies for 5 years Now.

My Tools: HTML5 + CSS3 + JS and its predecessors and Libraries ( e.g. JQuery, RequireJS, HandlebarsJS, etc.) + Wordpress. I also work with PHP and some MySQL.

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